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The EMPOWERED HIGHLY SENSITIVE PERSON: Unleashing the Inherent Gifts of HSP’s to Thrive in the World

Date: October 29 and 30, 2016

Time:  Saturday and Sunday, 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM both days

Location:   Tucson, AZ  (map)

Investment:  Only $300.  


Unleashing the Inherent Gifts of HSP’s to Thrive in the World

with Angelic Messenger, Master Intuitive, and Energetic Alchemist Siobhán Wilcox (Sheevaun)

This powerful 2 day event is for HSP’s that want to transform and heal the wounds of being an HSP, as well as manage, negotiate and navigate the world with higher levels of effectiveness and learn powerful manifestation concepts for HSP’s not taught anywhere else!

Through this 2-day process we’ll recognize and empower the inherent gifts of being an HSP and learn skills to manage and bring them out. Surrounded in the safety and understanding of other HSP’s, we’ll explore your world of sensitivity, transform and heal the wounds of the past, and learn both practical and energetic management skills to navigate the world with effectiveness, ease and grace while keeping solid energetic and emotional boundaries.


Discover and Learn crucial skills for HSP’s including:


  • Deepening Self-Knowledge + Repairing and Building Solid Self Esteem


  • Release, Heal and Transform Old-Beliefs, and Emotional Wounds around being Sensitive and receive useful tools to utilize long after the workshop.


  • Learn to Practice Rigorous Self-Care.  Create and hold strong and clear boundaries so you feel less overwhelm.


  • Learn the clear distinctions between what emotions and energy is yours versus what is not! (THE MOST crucial skill for highly empathic HSPs!!)


  • Prevent the energy of others from affecting you, swaying you or pulling you off course!                                                                                    


  • Understanding the environmental issues that can impact and how to counter balance them.  (EMF’s Geopathic Stress, etc)              


  • Find and unleash your HSP Super Powers!!  ( Fun, fun!!)


Plus Manifestation for HPS: 

Did you know that HSP’s manifest differently than non-HSPs!?  HSP’s are naturally powerful manifestors, but most of them have gotten so lost in the energy of others that they often are able to manifest things for others but not themselves!!  We’ll go into this in depth and make sure you’re powerfully manifesting for yourself only.


Join us for this powerful workshop for HSP’s and your world will never be the same!



Siobhán Wilcox  (Sheevaun) is a renowned Master Intuitive, Angelic Messenger, and Energy Alchemist. At 6 years old she found she could heal others with her hands.  For the past 20 years she has hosted hundreds of workshops and served thousands of people, working with Highly Sensitives, Indigos and Empaths in both the spiritual and corporate realms.  She communicates with the Angelic Realm bringing through wisdom that is both healing, and inspiring.


Also a bestselling author, she has appeared in print, on radio and TV talking about many forms of healing and stress reduction, Indigo children, Angels & Autism and color therapy.


Her passion is to support you to remember and access “THE TRUTH OF WHO YOU ARE”- a divine, fully sourced individual.  She works to turn on your full sourcing ability so that you can live a life filled with passion, purpose and prosperity.




“Siobhán is amazing…”


“Siobhán is amazing. My life changed for the better immediately after seeing her and it was so enriching! Everything just fell into place. I recommend her highly.”

~  Kathy Riggs, Director of Wireless Sales at NuCourse Distribution



“Her abilities are indescribable and so amazingly helpful…”


“I hired Siobhan for her intuitive insight on my product creation several times from Italy where I live. Her abilities are indescribable and so amazingly helpful… even via Skype. She motivated me to complete a project that I was unsure of and now I am attracting only high end clients that benefit from my private virtual coaching programs. I couldn’t have done it without her help!”

- Diana Dentinger, International Speaker, Team Building Specialist, Women Empowerment, Performance Expert