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“I Walked Out on FIRE about… Everything..!” 

“Yeah… It Was a Rockin’ Workshop…!!”

Master Your Power Within, 2-Day MasterClass/Workshop with The Real Life Ghost Whisperer, Psychic & Medium, James Van Praagh

James Van Praagh

WHAT: “Master Your Power Within”
DATE: Sat, Oct 28, 2017 – Sun, Oct 29, 2017
TIME: 9:30am – 5:30pm both days
LOCATION: Tucson Convention Center, 260 S Church Ave, Tucson, AZ 85701 Tucson, AZ 85701
INVESTMENT:  $235 – $350   Buy Tickets here


Working with the Energy in Your Life to Manifest Vibrant Health, Unconditional Love, Financial Freedom and Wonderful Opportunities




Each Of Us Is Surrounded By a SPIRITUALLY CHARGED MAGNETIC FIELD that’s Invisible, But Is Very Alive and Completely Responsible For Attracting To Us Our Present Circumstances.






Like Most People, Your Magnetic Field May Contain The Toxic Residue From Your History.  If You Are Experiencing Circumstances That Cause Frustration, Difficulty, Unhappiness, Or Hopelessness, Or Negative Experiences Of Any Kind, And Want To Change Your Reality, You Must Alter Your Magnetic Imprint To Do So.



Right Now There Is An Overwhelming Desire By People To Learn How To Tap Into Their Inner-Guidance System And Take Control Of Their Lives. When One Connects With Their Spiritual Guidance And Power and Learns How To USE Their Natural Ability Of Intuition, Life Becomes Not Only Easier And More Fulfilling But Much More Enjoyable.



In This 2-Day Masterclass, James Guides You Through Practical Exercises And Illuminating Meditative Journey’s To Open You Up To The Spiritual Core Of Your Being Where THE DEEPEST OF HEALING AND TRANSFORMATION can take place.



Through Spiritual Teaching and Intuitive Exercises, We’ll Reveal A Profound Understanding Of The Choices We Make On a Daily Basis.  Do You Self-Sabotage? Are You Living Someone Else’s Desires Instead Of Your Own? What Parts Of You Feel Lost, Broken, Unhealed Or Unfulfilled? Why Can’t You Have Every Opportunity You Desire In Life With Greater Ease?



Join Us And Learn How You Can Attract Deep Unconditional Love, Financial Freedom, Vibrant Health And Greater Opportunities Right To You!



Learn How To Release Any Old Stagnant Energy Which You Are Carrying Around. Discover How You Can Cut The Cords Of Dissatisfaction and Allow Greater Self-Esteem To Emerge. It’s Time To Release The Negative Patterns Of Your Past And Let The Vibrant Energy Of YOU Shine Through In The Present!



In This Breakthrough Masterclass You Will:


– Learn How To Attract And Manifest Your Desires In Life!
– Ignite Your Soul’s Deepest Purpose
– Break Free From Painful Karmic Patterns That Leave You Energetically Depleted
– Heal From Past Traumas And Negative Emotions And Let Go Of Struggle
– Learn How To Be, Do And Have What You Desire
– Discover How To Open And Sustain Your Connection To Spirit And Guidance
– Recognize Signs From Spirit And Develop Your Intuition To Be Guided With Ease
–Survival Skills For Empathic & Highly Sensitive Person’s (HSP’s)
– Find Out How To Clear Hidden Blocks To Total Healing
– Little-Known Secrets For Keeping The Money Flowing In



When You Leave This Workshop, A Light Will Be Coursing Through Body, Mind And Spirit That Is Filled With The Knowing Of The You Yet To Come, And Your Life Yet To Be Lived.


With The Power Of Spirit Lighting Up Your Eyes, You Will Literally Begin To Start Seeing The World In A Whole Different Way As You See The Immediate Effects And Attract Different Energy From The People Around You.


Join One Of The WORLD’S MOST RENOWNED HEALERS AND SPIRITUAL TEACHERS OF OUR TIME  as He Guides You On A Journey To Self-Discovery And Begin To Live The Life You Were Meant To Live.


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Unleash Your Soul’s Super Powers:

Live the Life Your Soul Designed For You

With Soul Healer, Shellie Nelson

In this workshop you will:


– Directly Connect With the Presence of Your Soul (And Experience The Power And Peace Of That Connection in Your Everyday Life!)


– Know Your Soul’s Purpose For You: (You’ll Experience A Clarity Of Vision That Will Energize Your Life.)


– Resolve THE BIGGEST Internal Issues Holding You Back and silence your internal voices of doubt.



Did you know your soul designed a plan for your life before it came into physical form?


Everyone has this blueprint and to the extent we walk that path, we move in the direction of fulfilling our purpose here on the planet.



When you connect with your soul and Align Your life to your soul’s deepest desires it guides you on the path of your spiritual blueprint.

You find yourself fulfilled, happy, and vibrantly alive and producing the results you desire to see in life.


What your soul desires manifests with ease (and quite frankly, magic.)


When you feel disconnected from your soul, you are likely to feel like:



– Life Is Hard or Full Of Struggle


– The Things (Relationships, Money, Career, Healthy Body) You Want Seem to Elude You and Never Manifest


You’re Alone in Life and Don’t Receive the Support You’d Like To


–  The World Is Not On Your Side And You Don’t Feel Fulfilled


No One Understands You, Sees You For Who You Are, Or Recognizes Your Deepest, Most Powerful Gifts


– You Are Not Clear on Your Purpose Or What You Should Be Doing With Your Life


The Results You Achieve in Life Fall Short Of What You Know Deep Down You Are Capable Of



Shellie Nelson is Highly Intuitive and has been seeing energy and spirits her entire life. With very strong clairvoyance and clairaudience (spiritual sight and hearing)



 Shellie has the ability to:



A) Energetically Communicate With And See Your Soul:  By seeing you as your soul which is the aspect of you that is whole, untouched and perfect,she is able to assist you in aligning to your wholeness. Creating more harmony in your life experience.



B) Find Where YOUR Personal Energy Is Not In Alignment to your soul’s plans and desires for you.



C) Shift And Remove Blocks, Distortions And Discord That You’re Carrying allowing the higher vibrational energy (the true energy) of the person’s spirit to take it’s place.



She not only shifts the energy of the person, but  She is Able to Shift Any Specific Unwanted situation the person is experiencing...


By going to and removing the energetic root of where any negative situation comes from, the situation and need for it, is released, and it simply goes away in your actual life…


Doing this allows you to begin to manifest your soul’s desires and walk the path of your soul’s purpose with greater ease and grace.


People who experience her work often feel like:


– They’ve Been Liberated to Be Who They Always Knew They Were Deep Down

– Accomplish What They Want With Ease and Grace

– Are Recognized for Their Gifts and Can Work In Their Own Personal Zone of ‘Genius’

– Feel a Sense of Deep Fulfillment, Massive Confidence and Inner Peace

– Find that Life Just Gets Easier



Even the people who are an energetic drag on you drop out of your life because of your elevated energy and the people that stay in your life end up improving their interactions with you as the energy dynamic changes.


Often times these people find that new opportunities in various areas of life start presenting themselves out of the blue…



It is Shellie’s desire to help people bring the greatness of their soul into their human awareness and physical life, for the transformation of life on this planet.



Over the last 20 years she’s done THOUSANDS of soul readings and taught numerous group and private programs so that people they can live their unique expression in the world.



And she’s coming to Tucson to provide this to you!!



If you are committed to connecting more deeply with your soul and living your soul superpower and unapologetically being exactly who you are, THIS IS FOR YOU!!