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Chad Wilkins

Chad Wilkins

The Mystic Minstrel – Chad Wilkins

ANGELS AMONG US – A Concert to Lift your Spirit and Heal Your Soul 


Date: Friday February 21,  2016

Time:   6:30 PM

Location:  Sea of Glass, 330 E. 7th Street, Tucson, AZ  (map)

Investment:  Buy tickets HERE.


Mystic Minstrel, Chad Wilkins, is an American/Australian singer-songwriter bringing heart-songs that reveal a better way for a generation in transitional times on our planet! From his lively, progressive grooves, to his deeply prayerful chants, spanning many genres, Chad’s rootsy folk anthems carry themes of love, gratitude, and pure vibrant LIFE! – giving voice to our cry for spiritual transformation, harmony with the Earth, and hope for a bright future. Touring extensively, Chad’s performance style is unique and spontaneous – whether performing solo, with his full band, or anywhere in between, he guides his listeners through an interactive journey ranging from dancing celebration to mindful meditation to sing-along declarations. His music is not just to feel good but actually has a HEALING EFFECT ON HIS AUDIENCE.

See testimonials below:


“Chad Wilkins’s music has helped me emotionally heal from many traumatic aspects of my past. From the first time I saw Chad perform live, his songs have guided me to a place of positive love and spiritual connection. The powerful messages in these songs have been one of the strongest key factors in opening my heart and preparing me for true love” ~ Al Wright – Central Coast, NSW,  Australia


“Chad’s music connects you to the eternal part of your being, the peace, joy and love which resonates in the heart… [His] Music and lyrics which come to you at moments when you need them most, even when you don’t realise that it is the medicine which you most need, providing divine guidance and healing.” ~ Zara Sadiq, London, UK


“As I’ve shared with you recently, Mary and I both get a lot out of listening to your music. Your song writing seems to capture just the write feelings and awareness to fill me with solid, positive energy. When listening to your music and when one of your songs is going through my head, I feel supported by the greater life force….like my happiness, and my awareness, and my growing life path is shared by others…..” ~ Ben Woods, Somerset, CA


Angels Among Us: Concert with Chad Wilkins